"I want a mobility solution that's close at hand"

Our commitment : to work with local authorities and passengers to make public transport a means of contributing to harmonious community development.

"I want to be able to get about easily and safely"

Our commitment: work to guarantee the highest possible quality of service for each and every traveler.

"I want to travel how and when I want"

Our commitment: offer customized solutions and services that enable each individual to take charge of their own mobility.

"I want to leave a habitable planet for my children"

Our commitment: increase the environmental sustainability of transportation through tangible, measurable actions.

Transdev Fondation

Mobility for all at the heart of Fondation Transdev's actions

Fondation Transdev presented a check for € 15,000 to the "Schools for guide dogs" association in Lyon and its surrounding region on World mobility and accessibility Day on April 30.

Transdev Live#3

Transdev Live #3

The third edition of the external Transdev magazine